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JCS Teachers Invited to Participate In TN DOE Micro-Credential Pilot
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Thursday, August 30, 2018
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10/10/18 Update

It's not too late.  If you are looking for a more personalized approach to earning Self-Selected In-service hours for the 2018-2019 school year, or if you need PDP points for your license renewal, check out the micro-credential option.  Talk with your principal, content specialist, or Amy Sharp for additional details.  


Jefferson County Educators are invited to participate in the Tennessee Micro-credential Pilot: Year 3.  Micro-credentials (MCs) are an exciting new way for teachers to demonstrate professional competencies, whether newly acquired or long-held.   

The pilot will run from September to May of the 2018-19 school year.  The window to join the pilot closes on Wednesday, September 5th

Learn more about the micro-credentials by watching these resources:  (1) one-minute video (2) two-minute video (3) Sway Presentation with Embedded Links

JCS participants in the pilot may earn five to six Professional Development Points (PDPs) for each earned micro-credential.  Each earned micro-credential may also be used for 6 hours of Self-Selected In-service. 

You may choose micro-credentials from the following areas of concentration.  The attached document includes additional information about each of the Expanded Pathway concentrations noted below.

  • TEAM-aligned: These micro-credentials are aligned to key indicators on the teacher observation rubric and will support teacher growth in the areas identified as most impactful to classroom instruction and student learning.
  • SPC/SEL: This concentration correlates with the departments SEL modules for professional learning. The four competencies to be supported by MCs in year 3 are: student-centered discipline, teacher language, responsibility and choice, and warmth and support.
  • RTI2: This concentration will feature a curated set of MCs that align to best practices in Response to Instruction and Intervention and will support teachers with implementing foundational practices such as using research to inform teaching and developing and using assessment methodologies.
  • Gifted: Developed by the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC), this concentration offers an outcome-based professional learning opportunity for educators on identifying gifted students from diverse backgrounds and to increase equity of access to quality programming. Learn more here.
  • STEM: This stack of four MCs will provide teachers with the most effective tools within the five priority areas aligned with the department’s STEM strategic plan: infrastructure, community and postsecondary partnerships, curriculum and instruction, professional development, and achievement. This concentration will be limited to the first 50 educators on a first-come, first served basis. This is due to priority status extended to educators from the 15 STEM designated schools and the rural STEM collaborative.

Teachers in the Teacher Leader Network have access to the Teacher Leader Pathway as well.  New teacher leaders will have access to four foundational micro-credentials, while teachers from returning districts have access to 18 additional MCs. Click here to preview teacher leader micro-credentials.

Participants in the pilot will be asked to provide feedback around experiences earning the micro-credentials at various points throughout the 2018-2019 school-year. Feedback may be gathered via electronic survey, virtual meeting, or face-to-face site visits.

If you would like to embark on this innovative professional learning journey, please decide which area of concentration you would like to pursue and follow this link to join the pilot by Wednesday, September 5th.

If you have questions or would like additional information before making your decision, please reach out to Amy Sharp.