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Sharing Christmas in Jefferson County
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Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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Local Food Drive

The 2018 Sharing Christmas in Jefferson County Food Drive will begin on Tuesday, November 13 at Jefferson County High School.

Students are asked to bring in cans of fruit (15oz) to their First Period class. For every 5 cans of fruit a student brings in, they will get a free cookie coupon. The First Period class that brings in the largest number of cans will get a FREE Hardee’s biscuit breakfast.

Our goal for this year is 2,000 cans, so if everyone brings in at least one can we can EASILY reach this goal. In addition, teachers are asked to bring in packs of raman noodles.

Please help those families that go to bed hungry every night in Jefferson County and bring in as many cans of fruit as you can.

Helping others in Jefferson County IS The Patriot Way!!!

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